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Terms and Conditions

Statutory Position

Delrose Management Services provides products and services to care providers to be used in an advisory capacity. This does not absolve any client from their legal duties and responsibilities to observe and implement the laws and regulations which govern the care sector. The client is solely and wholly responsible for implementing all of Delrose Management Services' advice, information or materials received from Delrose Management Services into its own activities according to the client's own judgement. Delrose Management Services acts in good faith and the client warrants that Delrose Management Services is in no way liable for any error, omission or matters arising in any way from Delrose Management Services products or services. Delrose Management Services products are not intended as a definitive guide to care home regulations and the customer must take responsibility in familiarising themselves with the full extent of the regulations that apply to them.


The customer accepts that an invoice or receipt reflects the fact that the client has placed an order upon Delrose Management Services as specified upon the invoice or receipt. The customer confirms and accepts these terms and conditions in full and with immediate effect. Delrose Management Services provides no credit or account facilities in order to maintain competitively priced products and services. Payment is due by return and must have cleared in full before products or services will be shipped or supplied by Delrose Management Services.

Refunds and Returns

By purchasing from Delrose Management Services Limited the client accepts that the Company operates a no refund or return policy and as such products are not supplied 'on approval' or with any money back guarantee.

Price Increases

Delrose Management Services Limited reserves the right to revise prices as and when it deems appropriate and without notice or consultation.

Manuals and Materials Usage

On purchasing Delrose Management Services products for specific sites, the client must accept that the product is site specific and as such is only applicable to and for use for that site. Products must not be used beyond the site to which it is registered or licenced. Should Delrose Management Services products be used outside this agreement, the client accepts that this constitutes a breach of use and must compensate Delrose Management Services as deemed appropriate by the Company.


The client accepts that Delrose Management Services will not ship any order until payment has cleared in full.


Delrose Management Services retains all intellectual property and copyright rights to its products. The client accepts that any breach of these rights through reproduction of any kind outside its intended or authorised use at the registered or licenced site will be subject to the customer compensating Delrose Management Services as the Company deems appropriate. This applies to both authorised and unauthorised users.

Acceptance and Alterations

The client (purchaser) accepts these terms and conditions in full. These terms and conditions may not be altered in any way.


"The Company" as used herein refers to Delrose Management Services "The Client" as used herein refers to those who purchase Delrose Management Services products

Delrose Management Service is the consultancy division of Delrose House Limited 2011 Delrose House Limited Delrose House Limited is registered in England with the company number 04611170 Registered Office: 962 Eastern Avenue, Newbury Park, Ilford, Essex IG2 7JD